Blue Balconnet Top Bikini – Swim Where 6

Balconnet Bikini in Blue

In the last episode the swimming star raced out and the girl reporter knew not where. She is peeling back his many tortured layers like a Spanish onion.

Summer Scrunch Butt Bikini & Sundress

Swim Where – Part 6


“Where did you go?” She asked on his return.

Click - Blue Scrunch Butt Bikini

Click – Blue Scrunch Butt Bikini

“Can’t you sleuth it out?”

“Your wet hair and damp clothing suggests a swimming pool was involved.”

“I ran about a third of a marathon to blow off some steam. Then I skinny dipped in the building’s pool to cool down.”

“Had a bike been handy, you could’ve done a full iron man event.”

“I like cycling. If the triathlon becomes an Olympic sport, maybe I’ll win another gold.”

“I made you angry.” Belinda dropped the banter and cut to the juice.

“Yes, you did. But while running, I realized that it was entirely my fault. Then I swam lengths trying to think of ways to make you understand.”

“That’s where my being a reporter comes in handy. I can read back in my notes and try to understand your words differently than my first comprehension.”

“Did you do that?”

“Of course and the next time we touch that area, I’ll be a different person than I was. I won’t guarantee to follow as you want then either, but that will be another chance for me to reread and recalibrate myself.”

“I’ve never thought of that possibility.” Scott smooched her on the lips, scooped her into his arms and waltzed around the room, with her feet barely brushing the floor.

“You swam naked in the building pool?”

“Sure.” He set her down. “I’ve gone in without my swimwear loads of times. People casually entering the area probably don’t even notice because I’m always swimming fast lengths. Security likely knows I haven’t got a bathing suit on because they have video surveillance but they’ve never mentioned it.”

“The guards are probably selling the videos of a nude celebrity.”

“Who’s the cynic now?”

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Real-Time Satellite Images for Akashic Gaming

Akashic Gaming With Real-Time Satellite Images

I’m bored out of my skull today and I’m here looking at real-time satellite images of my house. Suddenly, my furtive imagination conjures up an idea for real-time satellite gaming. Sadly, I suppose the required technology is still a ways into the future. Imagine the awesome prospect for gaming that live satellite imagery could bring with some interactive animation involved.

Try Binaural Technology Here

Try Binaural Technology

I’m reminded of the movie ‘Hunt for Red October’ right now and what the navigator says while plotting a course through an underwater canyon. “Give me a map and a compass and I could fly the Alps in a plane with no windows.” Now think of the overhead view of your toon in a game like World of Warcraft and put the two together.

Provide a gamer with a headset that blinds him to the world and gives him an overhead projection to look at with himself seen from above like from a real-time satellite image. Then throw in some computer generated scenery and stuff. Whoa! I think this would be some major fun with actual exercise value as well. I picture it as satellite imagery meets Disney and the live and real gaming action would be nothing short of thrilling.

Like I said though, the required tech is still somewhere in future so I’ll just continue to watch my house on this real-time satellite view and see if something interesting happens to happen.

Loki’s Trojan 2 Flotsam in a Rip Tide

Chapter 2

Flotsam in a Rip Tide

“Lyra Droski.” A young woman who closely matched the exotic female in Tariq’s fantasy nightmare flipped through her newest passport and said the name as if tasting a succulent flavor. Her sculptured chin rested lightly in a cupped palm and her graceful fingers touched her high cheekbones as her sapphire eyes read the fictitious Eastern European surname.

Elixir of Youth

Elixir of Youth in Water

“~Tell me about my father again.” She spoke in the Russian of her fake nationality but in truth, Lyra had never lived there. She and her mother were multi-lingual and used any known at a whim.

“~You know how much pain that story gives me.” Jinder Droski was of Anglo-Hindi extraction. Her hair was deep mahogany, her skin was of a polished teak hue and her almond-shaped eyes were coconut brown.

“~You’ve never explained to me why it hurts.” The daughter had one-quarter heritage from India but little of that showed. Lyra’s waist-length hair was the exact tone of her mother’s flesh but her clear complexion was as coffee with a triple dollop of cream liqueur. The description with an alcoholic flavoring was apt as her burgeoning beauty was of intoxicating intensity. “~Other parts of your life were horrid, so what could be worse?”

“~Do you mean having my innocence snatched from my violently murdered family or my living in a harsh world of virtual slavery, forced prostitution and drug addiction?” The mother’s ironic voice betrayed no horror at that. Although she was now working independent from organized crime or pimps, chemical dependencies still ruled her life. “~Let me just teach you more Tantra instead. I won’t have you unprepared as I was.”

“~Why not both.” As the girl negotiated, she stripped to the buff to perform body techniques and mental routines. Some Tantric instruction may even extend the session of reminisces. “~How could experiences with my father be worse than those nightmares?”

“~Feel the tingling of your imagination traveling over your skin in flows of energy.” The exercises Jinder taught had originated in India and included sexual instruction as well as a variety of moves and meditations. She called it Tantra but the mother was schooled in a number of eastern spiritual disciplines that were not connected with any particular faith. “~Worse is the wrong word. I couldn’t take the happiness I had with your father. That makes my memories of him less easy to deal with.”

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Striped Bikini and Sundress – Swim Where 5

Part 5 of ‘Swim Where’ – A Novella by Russell Twyce

Three Piece Sundress & Bikini

The swimming star is showing his real stripes now. Our all-star reporter has her pen smoking on the notepad and he lays it all out on the line.

Summer Stripes 3 Piece Bikini & Sundress

Swim Where – Part 5

She awoke to the aroma of coffee mingled with toast and a hint of mint toothpaste. Scott Wagner had left a silver tray on the bed beside her and was gently blowing the smells towards her nose. The breakfast included orange juice, a stack of toast, a pot of coffee with the fixings and strawberry jam. The platter held a cardboard jeweler’s box of about the size to contain a diver’s watch and her eyes occasionally drifted to it while they ate.

Three Piece Bikini and Sundress

Three Piece Striped Bikini and Sundress

“I told you in the restaurant that I always speak the truth and that is now especially so with you.” His eyes held hers but his fingers found the box lid and he opened it. The billfold inside was badly weathered and the stitched seams appeared to have at least once suffered from bloating. A plastic laminated driver license clearly showed Hoffa’s name. “I won’t be able to back up everything I tell you with physical proof, so we will need you to try trusting in my honesty.”

“You really do know where Jimmy Hoffa’s body is?”

“It does seem so. It’s true that haven’t been back there in years, but I’m fairly certain his skeletal remains are where I found them and where I left them.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone? Or did you report it to someone? Your father maybe?”

“You are the first person I’ve ever told and my father is the last one I would’ve told. If he were still alive, I wouldn’t have let it slip to you now lest he could learn about it. I would’ve taken the knowledge of Hoffa’s final resting place, to my grave.”

Gemnora Dead Sea Salt Scrub Moisturizer

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Loki’s Trojan 1 – A Dragon’s Maw

Chapter 1


A Dragon’s Maw

Is a body, or perhaps a soul aware, when a trauma is destined to occur? Some philosophies surmise it may be. Folk have reported feeling pain in a portion of the anatomy that will later be lost or damaged. The Buddha is purported to have known the instant of his own death, 90 days in advance. If there is such a precognizant cusp, can a spirit take certain steps to make minor preparations or to pass on necessary information? By a function of this prescience or just fortunate coincidence, a small family enjoyed a brief span of harmony and reconciliation on the brink of calamity.

Tariq Awi’s Iranian family had immigrated to Canada when he was ten. His primary schooling was done in Ontario and there were no other Iranian people in the community they had settled in. Short of speaking Farsi in his parent’s home, and his skin’s olive tone, he was almost as Canadian as ‘How’s it going, eh’.

advanced liquid nutrition

Drink for Your Health and Wealth

“Let’s unpack a few boxes,” the man flashed his strawberry blonde wife a sly wink, “in the bedroom.” His randy grin was a sneaky hint of more in his suggestion, than just crates from the relocation. Marriage to a girl from south of the Mason-Dixie Line had given Tariq the ‘Hey, y’all’ Americanization as well.

“Oh, alright!” Brenda Awi’s words were spoken in an exaggerated sigh but the implied mild annoyance didn’t fool her mate, as he had spotted her coy reciprocal smirk. The deception was intended for their daughter’s ear but it didn’t really hoodwink her either: the petite and blue-eyed pre-teen’s eyes twinkled as her parents left.

The couple crept away to the master bedroom for some long precluded intimacy. With the daughter still awake in the other room, the experience felt like the two were frisky youngsters escaping from a camp councilor’s scrutiny and that hint of naughtiness gave the lovemaking a flavor of it being their honeymoon again.

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