Shiva's Messenger

Your Perfect Opportunity For Divine Intervention

Real Internet Income with Divine Intervention

Do you want to work for 40 years or more to make $40,000 a year or less just so you can retire on 40% of what wasn’t enough in the first place? Imagine owning a profitable home business that you could start today WITHOUT: – Technical know-how, – Large capital investment or overhead, – Jeopardizing […]

Dipping into the Hot Salsa

Chapter 6 – Shiva’s Messenger Dipping into the Hot Salsa Romero’s BMW Z5 arrived at the lawyer’s office at ten past ten. His being slightly late was accidental but it also fit the role. The drug store had been busy and then he spent some time fixing an addition to his manicure. His research into […]

Rethinking Subliminal Seduction

Current ‘Accepted’ views of subliminal programing don’t make any logical sense I’m really hoping to get some subconscious mind discussion going here! So please do chime in! This is just one of the first posts on the topic of subliminal marketing techniques that I’m planning. What is the subliminal brain? Why does the subconscious mind […]

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Subliminal Seduction

What point would mother nature have in planting a subliminal mind into an animal (albeit a human animal)?  What benefit to our survival is gained by a seemingly thinking part of our mental process that works independently and unfathomed?  Can you suggest any possible ‘selection of the fittest’ track that would’ve made a subliminal mechanism […]


Hypno Mind Control

Hypno Mind Control or Divine Intervention? Info Taken From a Domain I’m Discontinuing Just the term ‘hypno mind control’ conjures up exciting mental images that would be perfectly at home in a science fiction novel.  Imagine the possibilities of being able to transmit thoughts that another person was compelled to obey.  Now for the really […]

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Energy Flows Where Focus Goes

Your energy flows where your focus goes Let’s talk about that simple phrase and that easy concept for a few minutes.  Let’s especially think about it in terms of how your energy focus affects your network marketing success. Divine intervention into your business success is best accomplished by focusing your attention onto your business.  I’m […]

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Network Marketing Affiliate Partner Needed

I Need a Junior Partner to Grow into Equal Partner I Know My Network Marketing strengths but I’m only too well aware of what my weaknesses are too.  I’m great at building websites and filling them with original SEO content.  In other words, I’m very good at getting the words in front of eyeballs.  You’re […]

Tantra says Digestive Enzyme Aid

About Digestive Enzyme and Supplements Digestive Enzyme Aid to the rescue – Click Here Do you know how important digestive enzymes are to your digestive system?  The name of digestive enzymes should give you a pretty good clue.  Enzymes are absolutely vital but unfortunately, enzymes are an often overlooked part of a person’s daily nutrition. […]

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Supplement that Supplements Success

Healthy Supplement Supplements Success Advanced Liquid Nutrition is a supplement available from TripleClicks.Com that supplements your good health but that same bottle of supplement can supplement your online business success at SFI too.  That is really double duty for a simple bottle of nutrient to bolster your body and boost your business as well.  Bravo!  […]

Nameste to HerbaGreen Original

Nameste from Shiva’s Messenger Let’s Take a Cup of Healthy Tea Together Here is a dilemma I always find.  At home you have your good healthy products but then when you’re out and about you end up settling for the only crap the restaurant has.  The solution, at least for your choice of tea, is […]

The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Getting Things Done Yesterday’s methods just don’t work in today’s hectic world.  A person needs to really focus on Getting Things Done.  David Allen is an experienced coach and a veteran management consultant.  Just click the link for a better write up on this amazing self help book on productivity. What does productivity or lack […]

Shiva Divine Intervention Opportunity

Use Karma to Invoke Divine Intervention <—< Gasp!  Is that man carrying the other side of the world in his hands with the help of Shiva’s divine intervention?  No.  It is just a well timed photo taken at the temple to Shiva at Phanom Rung, Thailand. The ancient structure is an interesting bit of architecture.  […]

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Karma Bent for Success

Your Karma Owes You an Income Stream Imagine what your life would be like if you could invest just 5 to ten hours per week for a couple of years and have it return a residual income of $3,000 to $10,000 per month.  Imagine it and it can be true because that is the way […]

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