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Afterlife Karma Account

Some of you may be actively attempting to exercise the secret and having little or no success. This post is for you. Are you having problems getting the law of attraction to work right for you? I hate to be the bearer of woeful tidings but maybe you are already doing everything right with respects […]

Your Next Life

What’s Next – Your Next Life Next Life “In my next life,” someone said to me today, “I’ll be a snail. I’ll move around at my own pace and I’ll never be homeless.” What’s next for you after death? I’ll let you in on a secret about what’s next. You are your own judge. That […]

D’Vinci in a Death Whisper

Every Step into a True Drowning Episode I was aware of the exact instant of my death, because that was when my spirit drifted free of my lifeless remains. Interestingly, my spirit wasn’t pulled from my body. I’m certain that I left it of my spirit’s own volition. Both the Bible and casual talk about […]

Manifesting from Lucid Dreams

Manifest from Your Lucid Dreams Manifesting abundance does not seem to be the ultra hot topic that it was a while ago. But the fact that not so many people are now trying to manifest their dreams and abundance does not mean the desire to manifest from dreams has gone away. In fact, it it […]

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Weight Loss in the Future

Weight Loss and Healthy Future Living George Orwell predicted a possible future in his novel 1984 and it has largely come true in the blatant contradictions that abound.  The most violent people in society are called ‘peace officers’ and ‘health care’ means the medical practice of pushing a wide array of drugs that are anything […]

Total and Miraculous Rejuvenation

Grow Young Again Avoid Stress to Rejuevenate Stress is a killer! We all Know that. But stress also blocks our way to growing young again.  We are each in a morass of internal discord with the mind working against the body and the mind / body refusing to acknowledge and accommodate the spirit. Be young […]

Regain Youth by Understanding Death

Is possible to regain youth? My death experience was a few years ago now. The information overload I received has taken all that time since to sift through bit by bit. Honestly, even when I’m a couple of hundred years old, I may not have fully grasped all the implications. Most recently, I’ve been working […]


Hear the Akashic Truth

Finding REAL truth isn’t easy. Outside of the Akashic, most grains of truth are steeped and candy-coated with falsehood – like a Glossete raisin has an undershirt of sugar glaze and a jacket of milk chocolate. To a certain degree, like the sweets coating a healthy raisin, lies make the grains of truth tastier, but […]

Your Soul’s Home

The Temple of your Soul “My body is my temple.” Yes your body is your temple and you should treat your physical body with divine respect. You do seem to understand already that the physical body you live in is the the room of your soul. But you may tend to forget that your soul […]

Karma from Gorgeous Ghost in the Afterlife

Karma Stalked by a Spiritual Being I could said karma stocked instead of karma stalked because both happened.  I was working in a rural area and I often passed by a deserted farmhouse with an overgrown yard: it kept catching my eye.  The house held some karma that interested me but I just kept driving […]


Loki’s Trojan 28 – Requiem for the Undead

Chapter 28 Requiem for the Undead “I won’t deliver a statement—per say.” Wall Soft’s acting CEO was at an outdoor podium, facing a throng of reporters. “I’ll just take questions.” “What happened today on the Sound?” Though he hadn’t been pointed at, a senior wire representative took the honor. “Bob Wall’s yacht,” Collin took a […]

Loki’s Trojan 27 – Games of Ring Around the Squid

Chapter 27 Games of Ring Around the Squid The Iranian programmer tossed a jute rope around a metal bollard and cinched up the slack. While looping a half hitch, he saw Ghazi reach into his carryall: the hand stayed put. He’s got a ready thumb on the detonator. “You are far too important to risk.” […]

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