Shiva's Messenger

I'm Not Shiva's Actual Messenger – Or perhaps I am more than just the messenger as well

Incarnated Angel

Incarnated Angel Egan wheeled his chair across the windy street: he hurt everywhere and even the biting wind seemed to chew on his broken body.  He had to stop in the crosswalk because a car hurtled by in the next lane: it sent small hurricanes of dust and bits of litter to sandblast Egan even […]

Construction Insurance and The Shiva Factor

Shiva Factoring Into Construction Insurance Shiva is the Destroyer as well as the Lord of the Dance but what’s this now about construction insurance? Before Brahma can build anew, Shiva must destroy. You can think of this as the cycle of death preceding life but the process of destruction and rebuilding carries through into every […]

Your Akashic record Affects You Everyday

Akashic Questions and Karma Answers Q. I want to know if there is anything negative on my Akashic record that is affecting me today? Thanks A. There are many things in your Akashic record that affect you everyday in both a positive and a negative way. But none are critically coming due either today or […]

Shiva Learn Tantra

Ask Shiva and Learn Tantra I learned Tantra in India from an amazing Parvati Tantrika.  My delightful Tantra master taught me and I was eager to learn her Tantra teachings.  My Parvati Tantrika once told me something very interesting that still sticks with me today. “Most writing about Tantra is written by people who want […]

Nameste Shiva Shakti

Nameste from Shiva Shakti This Shivas Messenger site has been around for a few years now but it was Shiva’s Messenger and it was used for a different purpose than now.  Have I invoke the flames of your curiosity?  Shiva’s Messenger was not a blog – and that is the only hint I’ll give you.  […]