Akashic Records Bingo

The Akashic Records are NOT in a big leather-bound book

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Solid Pewter Tooth Fairy Box

During my afterlife adventure and subsequently in my astral travels, I’ve seen the Akashic Records as individual units that each pertain to a life lived.  My best description of the akashic records would be like the biggest imaginable walk-in closet, in which the memory sets of lives hang like full suits of clothing.  Another description of the Akashic Records might be as past ghosts standing in the astral and waiting to be remembered.  BUT, my spirit did not have any physical eyes and so my vision of the akashic records were esoteric.  I saw the akashic records with the same eye that a blind person has to view the physical world.

What Good does Viewing my Akashic Records Do?

Looking at your own Akashic record will break you out of the cycle of sin karma that you are in now. The world is becoming a worse and worse place because that is what people are earning with their deeds and it is all written down in the journal of all life. Even the Law of Attraction isn’t able to bring positive change to a soul that is floundering.


akashicrecordsbingoI really have to say that the akashic records are incredible and that your viewing them would turn your life around in the most amazing ways. Imagine having a cosmic encyclopedia at your ready fingertips to look up any event in the past present or future. I guess that my main message here is that if you go seriously looking for the real truth then you will find the actual and immortal truth.

Akashic Records Bingo

And regardless of whether you know what the books of judgement look like, the akashic records are really indescribable, you will know instantly that you have found them when you encounter them in the astral ream.

Hear the Akashic Truth

Finding REAL truth isn’t easy. Outside of the Akashic, most grains of truth are steeped and candy-coated with falsehood – like a Glossete raisin has an undershirt of sugar glaze and a jacket of milk chocolate. To a certain degree, like the sweets coating a healthy raisin, lies make the grains of truth tastier, but instead of having a nice raisin that is truly good for you, you get the extra crap that rots your teeth. Truth does not need to be mingled with lies and when it is mingled with falsehood, a grain of truth itself is no better than a lie.

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Do you know what the Akashic Records are? The word Akashic means ‘sky’, ‘ether’ or ‘space’ in the Sanskrit language. The Akashic Records are known as the Book of Life and all human experience is held in the Akashic meta-universe where all matter and consciousness derives from and ultimately returns to. I that can assure you that everything in the Akashic realm is the utter and complete truth. If you’re seeking for a grain of truth in the Akashic Records, you will find a huge grainery filled with the harvested crop of truth. But few are there to glean the honest information so they see only an empty Akashic field of stubble.

When I first started accessing the Akashic Records, I wrongly assumed that my Akashic abilities stemmed from my having had a death experience. But that wasn’t it. I soon saw that souls were able to read from the Book of Life, even though they had no NDE or even a profound psychic ability (above the background psychic ability that everyone has whether they exercise it or not). The difference I noted was those who were seeking for grains of truth were able to actually find the records and those seeking to confirm falsehood, are disappointed. Those who fail were actually in the Akashic but they saw nothing, because the lies they were looking for were absent.

“I DO know the difference between truth and lies!” Some readers may snort indignantly.

I sincerely doubt you do. Perhaps only one person in a thousand knows truth and in the Western democracies where grains of truth are especially rare, the number is maybe one in ten-thousand. Yet if the truth is to catch fire, I think it must spark here first and falsehood isn’t filling so I think people here must be hungry for truth — Are you yearning for what is in the Akashic for you?

Death Versus Religion

But who will be the referee?

I typed a title I liked and now I have to try to compose a post that fits it. I don’t know of any UFC fighters with the names of either death or religion so it isn’t about an upcoming match. I suppose that a little league team sponsored by an undertaker might be pitted against a church squad but I won’t be writing about that either. Death vs Religion could also be the choices given to a victim of the Spanish Inquisition: ‘convert to the church or be killed’. But those days are gone and I’m not interested in rehashing the supposedly ‘holy’ excesses of the past. So what is left?

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The Akashic Records are The Truth

The various religions each have their core beliefs and all of these seem to differ, sometimes the differences are as night and day. Christians believe in heaven and hell, whereas Buddhists expect to be reincarnated. Yet when it comes to the end of a person’s life, death always wins. And then all of religion’s bets are off because there isn’t a big cosmic shaker that filters souls into bins of the appropriate sect. Each spirit progresses into the one true ‘religion’ of eternity.

And what is that one true religion? It is just simply faith, love and truth. I have an analogy for what I think of most religions. Each fast food restaurant has their own version of burgers. All tout theirs as being superlative but when the burgers are eaten, they just turn into digesting mush in a belly because that’s what they need to be for the body to absorb the nutrients.

One church may be richer and another might have a nicer sounding choir. The pews at one might be padded, while another might have a higher steeple, but at the end of a life, even a pope can’t take his jeweled miter and satin vestments with him. There is just comfortable death waiting to take a soul back, as naked as it came.

Afterlife Karma Account

Some of you may be actively attempting to exercise the secret and having little or no success. This post is for you.

Are you having problems getting the law of attraction to work right for you? I hate to be the bearer of woeful tidings but maybe you are already doing everything right with respects to the secret: the Akashic realm is just not giving you what you want because you DON’T deserve it. I suppose that is harsh but it may be the truth none-the-less. MANY people, even those who are doing their best to be good and deserving, DO NOT merit having nice things manifesting from the Akashic through the law of attraction for them. Why? Because the lies in life and society have twisted their goodness and made it into negative or zero karma balances in their afterlife banking account.


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The many books, training courses and seminars describing the Secret and the Law of Attraction concentrate completely on how to manifest, or how to make a withdrawal from the afterlife quantum banking system. But they fail to mention (because the writers don’t have the completely true tale to tell) that if a person’s afterlife karma account has insufficient Akashic funds, then the manifest check will bounce. The Law of Attraction functions exactly as the supposed experts tell you the Secret works. When you’ve topped up your Bank of the Afterlife account with Akashic funds, you’ll manifest easily – even if you haven’t read the books or taken the courses – because correctly the Secret and the Law of Attraction does NOT require any special talents or procedures.

NOTE – If you attempt manifesting something good for yourself when you have a net negative Akashic balance, the Law of Attraction will automatically reduce the karma overdraft situation by sending you something bad instead.

So how do you put additional funds into your karma cash account? That is simple! You just need to do good things for others and adhere to truth. Unfortunately, in a world befuddled with deeply entrenched lies truth is not as obvious as it should and could be.  That is where I can help. I do know how to see truth, how to read the Akashic Records and I’ll steer you correctly. I’m not subject to corruption in the slightest.

I want you to have the Secret of using the Law of Attraction to bring good things to yourself. The more REAL good deeds I can have you doing to increase your afterlife banking balance means more good for other people too. That translates into better next lives for souls returning from the Akashic, and a happier existence for everyone living now. Honestly, even the liars and those who wrongly believe they benefit from lies are suffering too. Let’s work together and overwhelm the liars with unshakable truth.

Does Your Subconscious Blink?

Why You Are Often ‘At Odds’ With Your Subconscious Mind

At it’s very root, the science of hypnotism is needed because a person wants one thing but their subconscious mind seems to want something else and a hypnotist seeks to bring the two minds together.  For example, a conscious person wants to quit smoking but his or her subconscious mind lights up a smoke whenever the conscious person has a brief lapse of attention.  Why?

Why do you even have a subconscious?

What or Who is Your Subconscious Mind?

What or Who is Your Subconscious Mind?

Have you ever wondered why you have a subconscious mind at all?  Really, does it make any good evolutionary sense for Mother Nature to have created an inner intellect that is different from and often counter-productive to the outer intelligence?  Are there any other animals in nature that have this kind of inner/outer mental derision?  Could you ever imagine a dog for example, passing up a meal when hungry, because he didn’t want to gain weight?

Well, the dog certainly doesn’t have the rational intellect to equate eating with weight gain like a human does but the question here really is ‘why does the higher logic of man come with the price tag of divergent thinking between the conscious and the subconscious minds?  If you can think of any rational reason why evolution would have included a subconscious mind into our basic make up at all, please comment it too me.  I certainly can’t imagine one.

But we do have the two minds, regardless of how illogical it is for us to have them, so to understand, we need to approach the question from a different point of view.  In addition to Mother Nature’s agenda, let’s factor the wishes of eternity and our immortal souls into the conscious/subconscious  equation.

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