Shiva's Messenger


Shiva’s Messenger

Shiva’s Messenger began as only a novel that I wrote.  Actually, I suppose it goes a bit further back than that because the book began to take shape shortly after my whole life and my philosophies were radically changed by a vivid drowning death experience.

shivasmessengerThe lead character in Shiva’s Messenger has a NDE and he returns from the afterlife with the spirit of Shiva cohabiting his mind.  I don’t have an additional personality from my post life adventure but I did acquire a very strong affinity with the afterlife and especially with the Akashic records.

So now I write on many different topics.  I write both fiction and non-fiction though it’s often difficult to tell one from the other.  This is due to the fact that my non-fiction writing is mostly on topics that many people don’t accept as the truth.

Since much of my focus is on the afterlife and death, it might sometimes seem as if I’m being negative.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I do view death as a gift that need not be feared or the cause of grief.  I also see many wrongs in our current society but even those could all be easily solved and I’m optimistic that they will all be fixed someday soon.

In addition to my fiction writing, you’ll find posts here on a range of subjects;

a)  Healthy food and practices that will extend life to hundreds of years. Perpetual life and reverse aging.  One prominent section of my initial NDE was a glimpse into a near-future world where people live for hundreds and even thousands of years.  I witnessed a vision of myself there and I had returned to youthfulness.  This is coming for us and it is much nearer than many imagine.

b)  Karma, past-lives, spirituality, astral projection and the Akashic records.  In my NDE I went from being 100% healthy, alert and participating in the sport of SCUBA diving to being dead and swimming through a vivid vision of afterlife, then back to alive on the dive boat with a massive headache.  I remember everything and in fact, it’s as if I never left.

c) Law, corporations, science, social injustice, current events, occasionally religion and politics. My staunchly held opinions are just about always highly controversial and they are mostly rooted on my death experience.  My time in the afterlife completely erased all the social programming that had been installed.  Subsequently, I no longer accept the lies as truth.

d) Online business.  I’m an SFI affiliate and I sell TripleClicks products online.  Let me help you establish a profitable business for yourself.

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