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Living Better, Growing Younger and Thriving Forever

My vivid and lucid death experience was an eye opener and a life changer.  In the space of a few short minutes my entire philosophy was turned a full 180 degrees and some of the ideas/impressions I received were radical to say the least.  One of particular note was my vision regarding perpetual youth and nearly eternal life.

bangkok cowboy girlsOur bodies are actually designed to remain youthful for hundreds of years. In fact we should be almost immortal. There are a few reasons why we are not living up to our potential.

One of these blockages is our lack of strong spirituality.  Religions have mostly been chasing people away from faith and only fanatics are truly devout now days.

The second issue is the food we eat, the water we drink and the air that we breath.  In a nutshell, it’s just about all garbage!  Profit ravenous corporations have monopolized the food chain and filled supermarket shelves with GMO and nutrient depleted crap.  Our tap water is contaminated with chemicals and even bottled water is not fit to drink because it’s stored in plastic bottles.  Our atmosphere is toxic from the byproducts of combustion and industry.  Working and living in the so-called civilized world is now a highly stressful existence as we have to work harder and harder only to earn less and less.  Is it any wonder that we are aging so quickly?

The worst factor though is that our (your) supposed real-world pragmatism blocks you from sensing your astral being and accepting the reality of afterlife.   If we (you) ever do dare to look inward, we refuse to belief how badly our karma is mishandled owing to the grossly twisted society we live in.  For instance, we all suffer from the pollution and bad corporations as listed above but we don’t do anything about it.  You don’t even voice your displeasure.  You keep listening to the corrupt media’s lies and buying the horrible shit the corporations pump out.  This to the detriment of humanity and the drastically shortened lifespans of all.  But it doesn’t need to be like this.

The sublime keys to achieving the world we want and the endless lives we are due is not all that difficult.  The world will change for the better when more people talk openly about the many problems.  And our lives will be radically modified for the better when we start eating organic whole foods with actual nutrients and when we embrace the concept of karma and afterlife.

(Note – Karma is not actually what you likely think it is.  Instead, karma is an astral semi-substance that is the precursor of all energy/matter and it’s far more critical to our lives than what the standard definitions of ‘karma’ describe.  But this will be explained in greater detail elsewhere.)

I will discuss the topics of ultimate longevity, astral services, and reverse aging here in this blog and/or at the ones I’ve linked above.

Our world is a horrendous mess.  Our backward society is rooted sophist ideals (all lies).  We allow semi-human swine to control our world’s resources, wealth, media and politics. We consume unhealthy food/drinks and our doctors prescribe poisonous pills.  Our life spans and life quality is but a fraction of what it should be.  But we can change all of that!  We allowed the problems to happen and we can solve them together.

Karma and truth are the answer.  Subscribe to our karmic services and follow the advice we send out.  Let’s all live forever in a problem free civilization.

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