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Karma Knight – 1

Karma Knight – Part One


A naked young Asian girl is on her back with legs splayed apart. On top of her and between her knees is a middle aged Caucasian man. He grunts and wheezes as his butt pumps. The girl is quiet and her eyes are closed.

“Mike Schmitt!”

Shocked at the unexpected noise, the Asian girl’s eyes open. She sees a tall man standing on the foot of the bed but she has not felt any movement other than of the man rutting her.

Middle aged Mike Schmitt is also surprised by his name being spoken aloud by a male voice that is seemingly right above and behind him. Mike begins to turn his head to take a look, as a swift foot slides between his flabby thighs and the toe of a boot solidly connects with his testicles.

“Oh GOD!” Mike screams and he grabs to protect his aching nuts. Tears are already streaming down his face as Mike looks up to see his attacker. The youngish man is solidly built and dressed all in black. “Who are you?”

“I’m a karma knight and my name is not yours to know.” The intruder steps down off the bed. He takes the nude girl’s hand and helps her to her feet. He then picks up Mike’s pants from the floor and he extracts Schmitt’s wallet. “Take this,” the karma knight gives her all the money from the billfold, “go into the bathroom. I’ll speak with you in a few minutes.”

“That is my money!” Schmitt protests loudly as he sits up and covers his nakedness with a bed sheet.

“It is hers now.” The knight leans and rips the bedding away. He looks at Mike’s injured groin. You weren’t even wearing a condom. What if she got pregnant?”

“I, uh.” Mike stammers.

“You told her you would marry her. Just like you told the last two young girls you knocked up that you would marry them too.” The karma knight takes a deep breath and he steps back a pace. “Mike Schmitt, you are a pig and I don’t simply mean that as a derogatory remark against your job as a policeman. You are a swine and it is now time for you to collect your due. Or rather I should say it is time for you to pay off the many debts that you owe.”

“I don’t owe anyone any money.” Mike squeaks. The pain in his privates is excruciating and the intruder in his hotel room is nothing short of frightening.

“You owe karma. You owe a lot of karma from this life, your last life and several other recent ones. Since you have been far too stingy and selfish to make any payments of your own accord, I am here to start collecting by force if necessary.”


“Stand up and get dressed.” The karma knight tosses Mikes pants onto the bed. “Then go out and empty your bank account. Then hurry back here with the cash.”

“What if I don’t come back?”

“Then look forward to having your balls busted again, and again, and again.”

“What about the girl?” Mike asks. “Uh, my fiancé.”

“With your reproduction package wrapped around my footwear,” the knight scoffs, “you didn’t seem capable of satisfying her. I suppose I should provide her with genuine pleasure whilst you are away. Now go quickly and hurry back too!”


…To be continued  – Find links by clicking here

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