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Karma Knight – 2

Karma Knight – Part Two


Mike Schmitt returns to the hotel room to find his young Asian girl is now fully dressed.  She and the karma knight in black are seated together on the settee.  The casual familiarity between them suggests to Schmitt that they did indeed have some enjoyable sex in his absence.

“I brought $10,000.”  Mike blurts.  He has wondered all during his assigned task whether this would be enough to satisfy.  Mike has also been wavering in his decisiveness on if he should actually return at all.  However, the shooting pains in his testicles were a steady reminder of the karma knight’s parting threat.

“That is a start.”  The karma knight snatches the money from Mike’s outstretched hand.  He immediately hands it to the girl.  “Take this and go.  Find a trustworthy boyfriend.  As I told you already, this pig was only using you for cheap sex.  He had no plans for marrying you and he couldn’t either because he is already married.”

“You can leave now too.”  Mike Schmitt says after the door has closed behind the young Asian woman.  “I’ve given you the money so we are finished.”

“We are far from done.”  The knight takes a seat on the settee and gestures for Mike to sit on the bed.  “You will phone the airline tomorrow and book your flight home for as soon as possible.  You will spend your last day or two here in Thailand taking more cash from your accounts because you owe much more to other women here.  I will see that they receive what is owed to them.  Then after you are home, you will continue to withdraw funds for me to distribute on your behalf.  You had best get used to the fact that you will have very little in the way of disposable income for quite a while to come.  You certainly won’t have enough for sex jaunts to Asia.”

“You claim to be a karma knight but all you want is money.”

“Yes.”  The knight nods.  “Karma debt is your worst problem and we will have to address that issue too.  Upon your arrival home, you will immediately quit your job as a policeman.  That profession just costs you more karma than you have to spend.  You should find employment in a career that actually helps people.”

“Police prevent crimes against people.”  Mike blurts.

“Please.”  The knight interjects.  “Police do not prevent any crime.  The police punish criminals after they have committed crimes – if they manage to catch the right one.  Simply by accepting a paycheck, cops profit from crime indirectly and often as not, officers are even complicit in crimes against people.  No Mike, you need a better job.”

“What if I tell you to screw yourself and report you to the police for extortion?”

“Law enforcement will never find me.”  The knight says matter-of-factly.  “And if I don’t immediately show up to kick your balls again, then you would have much worse in store for you.  You could find the police breaking down your door at the most inopportune second the next time you are enjoying an under-aged girl.”

“I don’t!”

“You have before and you would again.  We both know that.  But we are still dealing with your ‘what if’ question.”  The karma knight leaned earnestly forward.  “Mike, you would spend years in jail and every time you sat on a toilet you would have to eject semen from your bowels.  When you finally get out, you will have to wear adult diapers because your rectum will be torn and stretched from so many anal rapes that it wouldn’t function anymore.”

Schmitt sat perfectly still as he looked into the karma knight’s eyes.  He could not see any signs of his being untruthful and he seemed to be talking of fact instead of just supposition.  Simply the fact of the karma knight appearing suddenly as if from nowhere and his seemingly having amazing knowledge lent some credence to his prediction of a certain future.

“Well Mike,” the self-professed karma knight stood, “it’s up to you.  If you play it my way you will hate me at first but later you will realize that everything I do is for your own good.  Or keep doing it your way and face what the future brings you in the rest of this life and the subsequent ones.”

This could’ve and would’ve been the end but then I decided to write a part three to Karma Knight.  Find link to it by clicking here

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