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Karma Knight – 3

Karma Knight – Part Three


This is part 3 – Find the two previous parts by clicking here

It is now five years later and Mike Schmitt is no longer a policeman.  The closest he gets to law enforcement is the volunteer work he does at the John Howard Society.  He does a lot of volunteer work these days because he doesn’t have much money to spend on going out.  He pays alimony to his ex-wife and child support to his 2 legitimate children and his two illegitimate ones as well.

Karma KnightThe Karma Knight comes occasionally to collect money but he has not been around for quite a while now.

At this moment Mike is standing in his kitchen and reaching into his fridge for a beer.

“Do you have another one of those?”  A familiar voice asks from behind Mike.

“Sure.”  Mike turns to hand the karma knight a beer then reaches back to get another.  As Schmitt and the knight stroll to the living room to take seats, Mike asks.  “Do you ever enter a room normally by a door?  You just seem to appear suddenly.  How do you do that?”

“I travel through the Akashic Records, or Astral Space, or I spirit walk, or whatever you want to call it.  Then when I’m where I want to be, I materialize my body.”

“Cool.”  Mike says in a way that ends this thread of conversation.  He doesn’t know if he wants to believe what he just heard but from long experience he does know the karma knight has some amazing abilities.  He changes the subject. “I have only a small amount of money to give you this time.”

“I’m not here for cash.”  Says the karma knight.  “You’ve already paid off what you can with cash.  Well, except for the child support that you handle yourself.”  The knight takes a deep draught of his beer.  “I’ve come here today to tell you that you likely won’t see me again.  And that unless you revert to your old self, you needn’t worry about me anymore.”

“I won’t suffer a relapse.  I like the new me better.”  Mike says then he sips his beverage.  “So can I ask you some questions before you leave?”

“Go ahead.”

“Are you human?”

“I suppose that depends on your definition of what human is.”  The knight says in a wry tone.  “I possess some talents that most humans don’t even know exist yet but I also have the same physique and failings.  I’m not quite sure if I’m mortal anymore though since I haven’t aged a day in the past six centuries.”

“Can I know your name, finally?” The karma knight’s last response had spawned about a million questions in Mike’s mind but he kept his next question simple.

“I’m Count Burton ‘d Main,” the knight smiles, “but I would prefer you call me anything but that.”

“I suspect from your insight into my previous lack of moral fiber that you must have once been almost as unscrupulous as I was?”

“I was far worse than you ever were.”  The knight confesses.  “But my absolute worst was during a much simpler time when the whole world was not amassing bad karma at such an alarming rate as it is now.”

“How many more karma knights are there.”  Mike had suddenly thinks of a mission that he could aspire to.  “I think I would like to become one.”

“Unfortunately Mike,” karma knight Burton drains the last of his beer and he sighs, “I’m the only one that I know of.  Nobody recruited me nor taught me the job.  I wish there were more because I have so much work to do but I wouldn’t know how to train an apprentice.  But just try to do the right things for people and see where that leads you.  That is how I got started.”

“Thank you for everything.  Even thank you for the much needed kick in the nuts.”  Mike says.  “And goodbye.”

The End

Find the two previous parts by clicking here

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