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What Questions Do You Have About Past Lives?

People often wonder if they have lived before? The second question most will have is if they were famous in a past life?

Here are 10 relatively simple questions you can ask yourself that might clear things up for you and they might even inspire your past life memories to arise in THIS life, right now.

1 – Do you have extremely vivid dreams of people, places and perspectives you’ve never experienced in this life? Do they seem amazingly real and incredibly important, even though you can’t seem to place them in your current life?

2 – Do you ever have brief but intensely powerful feelings or flashbacks of another time and place or of existing as another person?

3 – Have you ever found yourself consumed and compelled by a movie or novel or fictional drama that took place in another era… yet, you felt totally comfortable and called to a period that precedes the one we’re living in now? (the further back… the STRONGER the experience can be)

4 – Do you have hobbies, passions or interests that feel deeply ingrained in your sense of self or spirit… yet, there is no rational reason for you to have taken up so strongly? (these often are lifelong habits or hobbies that we pick up in childhood, without any parental or family input that would seem to make sense)

5 – Do you play an instrument or speak a language or excel in an area that you’ve never really had to practice or perfect? You just “know” how to do it, even though you have no real training?

6 – Are there people in your life who you’ve instantly felt karmically connected to in ways that transcend the obvious or even defy logic? (often that INSTANT sense of “deja vu” or energetic connection to another person that is so strong that it sticks with you, sometimes for a lifetime, EVEN when that person is not part of your inner circle or current family)

7 – Do you have dreams that recur night after night, or year after year, that are powerful, profound and seem to be calling you to a higher purpose or “reason for being”… YET, often feature times, places, people and even a self that you don’t rationally recognize?

8- Have you ever been to a brand new place, yet… knew the landscape and geography like the back of your hand?

9 – Have you ever had the experience of doing something creative like writing, or playing music, drawing or painting when all of a sudden you seem to “channel” an energy or an ability that comes from somewhere outside of yourself? (often called “automatic writing” or channeling)

10 – Have you ever spoken to a psychic, emotional empath or spiritual intuitive who has told you things about your current life… and your PAST lives that not only feel true, but that resonate in a way that gives you an amazing “A-ha” moment where everything seems to FINALLY “fit” and suddenly make sense?

The truth is, there are many incredible, insightful and inspiring ways to remember your past lives, and your AUTHENTIC spiritual self. In my view? Each of our lifetimes are about growing, flowing and dancing in the direction of our destiny… and waking UP to your authentic spiritual self is the very FIRST step in that process that can make it happen..and in a hurry!

And when it’s time to go back “home”, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by more guardian angels and spirit guides than you can count!

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