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Charcoal and Wood Ash

Wood Ash Permaculture I already talked here about using wood ash as organic fertilizer so what I’ll talk about here is how making charcoal fits into a permaculture arrangement.  On the one hand, I don’t really like burning and filling the air with smoke.  On the other, what basically harmless and natural wood fire smoke […]

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Bartender’s Drinks Guide

Be an Excellent Bartender One annoying thing about having a bar is the innovative recipes that lists thousands upon thousands of absolutely useless bar drink recipes. There’s no way on God’s green earth that your average bar could even stock such a wide array of necessary ingredients. Make up for in quantity and flare, what […]

Using Ash in Organic Gardening

Wood Ash for Organic Gardening Bonfires may be a contentious issue, what with smoke and global warming. Here in Thailand though, they love them.  Thai’s burn everything from kitchen wastes, to yard trimmings and the remnants of rice & sugar cane crops. Reservations aside, a fire gives you the great satisfaction of getting rid of […]

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Truth in Advertising – Creamer

Let’s Demand Real Truth in Advertising Supposedly, there are laws that require advertisers to tell the truth but almost all corporate advertisers pay big money to lawyers and ad companies to find clever ways to get around the inconvenience of having to tell the truth.  Well they can’t actually tell the truth because no consumer […]

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Past Life Answers

What Questions Do You Have About Past Lives? People often wonder if they have lived before? The second question most will have is if they were famous in a past life? Here are 10 relatively simple questions you can ask yourself that might clear things up for you and they might even inspire your past […]

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A butterfly’s life cycle is truly amazing. The butterfly’s four life stages are each unique and interesting.  Butterflies can easily be observed in your garden or brought indoors for an educational or observational experience. Some types of butterflies have a lifespan of 2 weeks or less. Others like the Monarch are migratory and will live […]

My Guardian Angel Drinks

Do You Have a Guardian Angel? If you’re extremely fortunate, your angel may help you out to you on a regular basis. Sometimes people might experience their angel by hearing a voice calling their name or warning them of danger, but many others simply feel guided by an inner sensation or what you might call […]

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Forever Young and Healthy

Living Better, Growing Younger and Thriving Forever My vivid and lucid death experience was an eye opener and a life changer.  In the space of a few short minutes my entire philosophy was turned a full 180 degrees and some of the ideas/impressions I received were radical to say the least.  One of particular note […]

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Karma Health

Put Your Karmic House in Order Much of what is wrong with your life is due to karma problems.  The karmic debts you owe and are owed are certainly a tangled mess that lets very little good flow in. It isn’t just your karma debts from this life: you’re also very likely carrying around the […]

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Amazing Akashic Records

Akashic Records are Amazing! Physical science and the metaphysical are getting closer as quantum mechanics is explored and theorized more fully. I suspect and I hope that soon science will be able to prove what some have known for many years – that the astral plane is real. In fact the astral realm is even […]

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Karma Explained

Karma Greases Life’s Wheels In Sept of 2004, I drowned in a SCUBA diving accident and was dead for eight minutes. During those 8 wonderful minutes, everything that I thought I knew about life and afterlife was proven out differently than I had previously believed. My life since then has been a continuing adventure of […]

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