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The Snowberry Day

The Snowberry Day It is a quiet summer day, with the fluff of black poplar’s trees floating lazily in the light breezes. Cottony white clouds scud across a blue sky and cast mottling shades over a pastoral landscape, of knee-deep prairie grass dotted with tufts of groves. A tow headed boy of seven, shirtless and […]

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Karma Knight – 2

Karma Knight – Part Two Mike Schmitt returns to the hotel room to find his young Asian girl is now fully dressed.  She and the karma knight in black are seated together on the settee.  The casual familiarity between them suggests to Schmitt that they did indeed have some enjoyable sex in his absence. “I […]

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Karma Knight – 1

Karma Knight – Part One A naked young Asian girl is on her back with legs splayed apart. On top of her and between her knees is a middle aged Caucasian man. He grunts and wheezes as his butt pumps. The girl is quiet and her eyes are closed. “Mike Schmitt!” Shocked at the unexpected […]

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Low Key Sings the High Notes

Chapter 23 Low Key Sings the High Notes   “This is like standing on a high springboard and waiting to execute a twisting gainer.” The CEO hadn’t ever done one, and would’ve been antsy about standing on a brink—even with a bracer of drugs to blunt the edge. “We can’t take the plunge until something […]

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Living in a Death Note

“I wanted more from my life than I’ve found.” A young woman, still just a girl really, reads aloud from a death note she’s found on her boyfriend’s nightstand. “I love my girlfriend dearly but I haven’t the money or the potential of earning enough to give her the security she deserves. After my death, […]


Akashic Trial of a Pope

This IS Fiction, or at least it’s the product of my imagination. It doesn’t matter which Pope, nor even when. Like lawyers, Popes haven’t changed basic ideology, or undergone a fashion change, in hundreds of years. So this story is timeless, as are the Akashic Records.   The Akashic Trial of a Pope   It […]

Requiem for the Undead

Chapter 28 Requiem for the Undead   “I won’t deliver a statement—per say.” Wall Soft’s acting CEO was at an outdoor podium, facing a throng of reporters. “I’ll just take questions.” “What happened today on the Sound?” Though he hadn’t been pointed at, a senior wire representative took the honor. “Bob Wall’s yacht,” Collin took […]

Games of Ring Around the Squid

Chapter 27 Games of Ring Around the Squid   The Iranian programmer tossed a jute rope around a metal bollard and cinched up the slack. While looping a half hitch, he saw Ghazi reach into his carryall: the hand stayed put. He’s got a ready thumb on the detonator. “You are far too important to […]

General Quintet and an Absconder

Chapter 26 The General Quintet and an Absconder   “I’ll trudge the rest of the way.” Tariq had his beautiful chauffer stop a block from the warehouse. As he walked, the Iranian recalled the poignant promise he made referencing Tolkien’s Bilbo and the battle of five armies. ‘I don’t know who the other four combatants […]

Heiress of the Dog

Chapter 25 Heiress of the Dog that Bites   “I’ve nothing left!” Locked in an executive washroom, Bob had just taken a strong dosage of heroin but it had yet to fix his gloomy mood. His pronouncement wasn’t entirely accurate either. Much of his wealth was in limbo: his personal money had bought Omani shares […]

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