Shiva's Messenger


Apron Strings and a Nursing Mom

Chapter 4 of Shiva’s Messenger Nursing Mom and the Apron Strings   Returning from her late night mercy mission, Cindy found her worst fear confirmed. The young man wasn’t alive. She knew on only a glance but wouldn’t give up yet. “Wake up!” She yelled at his slack, peaceful face. Cindy pinched his nose and […]

Nataraja and the Bull Nandi

Chapter 24 – Shiva’s Messenger   Nataraja and the Bull Nandi From his vantage in a void space behind a mechanical room, the assassin Dimitri Petrov watched the tiny dials. They were his only real view of anything happening outside of his enclosure. Was this vertical shaft originally to house a large dumb-waiter, or just […]

Dynamite Speeches that Bomb

Chapter 23 Shiva’s Messenger   Dynamite Speeches that Bomb The highway leaving Odessa again required caution in order to negotiate the sections where half completed repairs lurked. Some of the holes were almost big enough to swallow the tiny Lada in one gulp. The diminishing distance to the area of the national capital could be […]

The Stairs of the Distorted Stares

Chapter 22 – Shiva’s Messenger   The Stairs of the Distorted Stares Along his coach ride, Carl found new situations to curse in each passing segment. He was physically too big in all three dimensions to sit in bus seats. His aching knees were cramped into a space that was too small and they pressed […]

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Snake’s Heads or Rat’s Tails

Chapter 20 Shiva’s – Messenger   Snake’s Heads or Rat’s Tails Shiva’s Messenger stood on a bluff overlooking the Spokane River, as it snaked through a green city setting on it’s slithering path to the Columbia. He had performed his “Hello, Alex Benson” ritual at his father’s mini-storage unit in nearby Idaho. His rental car […]

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Piñata of the Inquisition

Chapter 19 – Shiva’s Messenger   Piñata of the Inquisition John woke up gradually, still strapped to the kitchen table. When he had blinked his eyes for the first time, his lips were dry. A gentle hand had held his face and poured some water into his mouth. Most had spilled down his chin. The […]

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Operating with Unorthodox Stitches

Chapter 18 – Shiva’s Messenger Operating with Unorthodox Stitches “It’s wonderful to be practicing medicine again but working at the convenience store sure wasn’t as hectic.” Dr. Cindy Smart left the Creston clinic after a long day. No longer working at the c-store also meant giving up the apartment above. She had bought a small […]

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Paper Snake and the Mongoose

Chapter 17 – Shiva’s Messenger   Paper Snake and the Mongoose “Do you use this stuff while I’m away?” Carl Eckert popped a couple of his garcinia mangosteen rind extract capsules as he spoke to his hamsters.  He had  briefly considered whether buying a video camera to record the movement for later fast forwarding was […]

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J.D. Tippet’s Revenge

Chapter 16 – Shiva’s Messenger   J.D. Tippet’s Revenge Policeman Jerry Burke had been elated by the word on the radio about shots fired at the president. How opportune that it had happened on such a perfect day, when he was already set to capitalize on it. He had brought a small quantity of drugs […]

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Hailstones from a Leaden Sky

Chapter 15 – Shiva’s Messenger   Hailstones from a Leaden Sky The ambulance pulled into position and as usual in a stand-by assignment, the paramedics started a game of cards in the back. They weren’t surprised when solitary Allen declined joining in and preferred to sit in the cab. Seemingly dozing behind his sunglasses, in […]

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The Writing on the Wall

Chapter 14 – Shiva’s Messenger   The Writing on the Wall Allen enjoyed the comfortable heft of his new Ruger in his right hand. With his list of special life insurance clients resting in the palm of his left, he ran the muzzle unhurriedly up the page. The tip of the barrel came to rest […]

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