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Swim Where 18

Women Bikini Swimsuit   Swim Where – Part 18 “It’s been four years since your swim to glory in the last Olympics.” The interviewer dolled out his droll preamble. “Do you experience any remorse that you won’t make such a big splash in these games?” “I harbor many regrets over numerous things,” Scott answered, “but […]

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Swim Where 9

For the next few days, Belinda stayed over. One day they drove to her apartment to collect fresh clothes and toiletries. She called her folks to assure them that aliens hadn’t abducted her but that rather she was on a special freelance assignment. The interview sessions took place during the days and evenings, punctuated with […]

Swim Where 8

“Shall we stay on for specialty coffee,” Scott asked, “or find another place to go.” The meal dishes had been cleared away and the deserts had come and gone too. “We’re already here and comfortable.” Belinda opened her pad again. “How did you manage to keep the police from finding out?” “That’s the dividing line […]

Swim Where 7

Belinda Lyle’s pencil nib broke on the paper. “Luther’s downfall was a result his stupidly failing to realize that the boy he’d spent a lifetime beating up, had become fully cognizant of RBR’s many tenets and facets. The cockroach was even thoughtful enough to provide the instrument of his own demise, in a high-powered hunting […]

Swim Where 6

“Where did you go?” She asked on his return. “Can’t you sleuth it out?” “Your wet hair and damp clothing suggests a swimming pool was involved.” “I ran about a third of a marathon to blow off some steam. Then I skinny dipped in the building’s pool to cool down.” “Had a bike been handy, […]

Swim Where 17

Swim Where – Part 17 “We’ve read a piece recently that hints at an unusual motivation for your Olympic successes.” A famous television sport show host asked. “Tell us more about that?” “You obviously haven’t perused my interview ground rules.” Scott Wagner said. “You’re only allowed to ask me inane questions.” “I did glance at […]

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Swim Where 5

She awoke to the aroma of coffee mingled with toast and a hint of mint toothpaste. Scott Wagner had left a silver tray on the bed beside her and was gently blowing the smells towards her nose. The breakfast included orange juice, a stack of toast, a pot of coffee with the fixings and strawberry […]

Swim Where 16

  Swim Where – Part 16 “I’m ready now to both ask the question and to hear the answer.” Back at his place, Belinda announced. Unlike his, her personal demons were of the sort that could be confronted. “Why me?” “When you first asked me that question,” Scott grinned expansively, “I had no idea whatsoever […]

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Swim Where 4

Warning! This section is probably rated as PG-13 She watched his bare back as Scott her preceded down the hall to his bedroom. As they wended their way, the aspiring sports reporter reflected on the past hour. Belinda had walked behind him from the cab to his building, while admiring both his grace and his […]

Swim Where 3

  The people surrounding him looked at her oddly: then they skittered away. “I’m not sure if that’s better,” Scott smiled again when commenting on her adjusted look, “or worse for my reputation.” “Are you planning,” Belinda didn’t know him well enough to accurately read his face, so she equated his expression to smugness, “to […]

Swim Where 15

  Swim Where – Part 15 “Wake up.” Scott shook her shoulder. “We’ve a long way to go.” “Where?” Belinda’s bleary eyes noted the darkness beyond the bedroom’s drapes. “What should I wear? What do we bring along?” “I’ll tell you along the way. Your clothes don’t matter. And I’ve already packed it all.” They […]

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Swim Where 2

  “This is quit a nice place.” Belinda glanced around the upscale restaurant set on a seaside quay. Internally she cringed at a thought of how much the bill would amount to and whether she would have to sell herself into human bondage to pay the tab. So far she had not gotten anything from […]

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