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Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits We all have bad habits and they define what kind of people we are. We all experience stress and anxiety caused by bad habits in our life. We often find it difficult to break the habit. And even our fear of both success and failure can foil any attempt to change. Try  […]

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Eat Watermelon Seeds

You may have once believed that swallowing a watermelon seed would spark the growth of an enormous fruit inside your belly. So instead of swallowing, I diligently plucked out each individual seed. But these seeds will not germinate inside your body and they shouldn’t be tossed. Instead, they should be eaten. You shouldn’t eat them […]

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Halloween Treat or a Nasty Corporate Trick

There is no safe limit of trans fats. They can cause heart disease, cancer and diabetes. So how is it that we are still ingesting close to five pounds of it a year? Consuming high-fructose corn syrup can lead to heart disease, increased belly fat, obesity, and insulin resistance, so how is it that many […]

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Charcoal and Wood Ash

Wood Ash Permaculture I already talked here about using wood ash as organic fertilizer so what I’ll talk about here is how making charcoal fits into a permaculture arrangement.  On the one hand, I don’t really like burning and filling the air with smoke.  On the other, what basically harmless and natural wood fire smoke […]

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Bartender’s Drinks Guide

Be an Excellent Bartender One annoying thing about having a bar is the innovative recipes that lists thousands upon thousands of absolutely useless bar drink recipes. There’s no way on God’s green earth that your average bar could even stock such a wide array of necessary ingredients. Make up for in quantity and flare, what […]

Cabbage, Lettuce, Leeks and Greens

Some of the Best Vegetables for Weight Loss People often call cucumbers and pumpkins vegetables but in fact those are both fruits.  Radishes, turnips and carrots are roots but the leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage and greens are true vegetables and like your Mom used to tell you – Eat your vegetables. Okay so leeks […]

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Organic Thai Jasmin Rice

Harvesting Our Thai Jasmine Rice This Organic White Jasmine Thai rice comes from Ban Kam which is a small, remote farming communities in Northeastern Thailand, in the Province of Buri Ram. The aromatic fragrance, slightly sweet flavor, and texture are unique to rice grown in this part of the world. The growing season is nearing […]

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Cancer Fighting Broccoli

Broccoli is a Cancer-Fighting Super-Food They say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. That’s why I eat lots of apples. Because I don’t want any pill pushing doctors anywhere near me. I actually have more respect for street-corner drug pushers because at least their unhealthy products make you feel euphoric for a while. […]

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Burn a Bay Leaf

Our insane society and hectic lifestyles are a constantly source of stress. Relax! Don’t let the pressures kill you. You won’t need to take a spa weekend or a spiritual retreat either. All you need is one Bay leaf! This cheap, simple herb, that you normally put into soup, can help you relieve stress and […]


Using Ash in Organic Gardening

Wood Ash for Organic Gardening Bonfires may be a contentious issue, what with smoke and global warming. Here in Thailand though, they love them.  Thai’s burn everything from kitchen wastes, to yard trimmings and the remnants of rice & sugar cane crops. Reservations aside, a fire gives you the great satisfaction of getting rid of […]

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Truth in Advertising – Creamer

Let’s Demand Real Truth in Advertising Supposedly, there are laws that require advertisers to tell the truth but almost all corporate advertisers pay big money to lawyers and ad companies to find clever ways to get around the inconvenience of having to tell the truth.  Well they can’t actually tell the truth because no consumer […]

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In Quest of the Moonmelon

Imagine a beautiful, lucid piece of fruit—a deep, yet vivid, almost electrifying shade of blue. The magic doesn’t end at its aesthetics, though: The Japanese fruit has the ability to alter flavors after you eat. All things sour become sweet; salty foods become bitter. Water is not just water—it’s orange-flavored. This is the amazing Moonmelon, […]

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