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Boa Viagem Beach Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro is more famous but Recife, a city in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, has some of the most enticing beaches in the country AND Recife was the original home of the string bikini. Boa Viagem Beach is the most famous beach in Recife. It runs from […]

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Bartender’s Drinks Guide

Be an Excellent Bartender One annoying thing about having a bar is the innovative recipes that lists thousands upon thousands of absolutely useless bar drink recipes. There’s no way on God’s green earth that your average bar could even stock such a wide array of necessary ingredients. Make up for in quantity and flare, what […]

Organic Thai Jasmin Rice

Harvesting Our Thai Jasmine Rice This Organic White Jasmine Thai rice comes from Ban Kam which is a small, remote farming communities in Northeastern Thailand, in the Province of Buri Ram. The aromatic fragrance, slightly sweet flavor, and texture are unique to rice grown in this part of the world. The growing season is nearing […]

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The Haunted Battlefield

Just after I wrote my first novel, Shiva’s Messenger, I contracted to have several thousand of the books printed in Nashville, Tennessee. After talking with the printer, I believed I would have the weekend to myself. Being a Civil War buff, I thought this would be an ideal time to visit Gettysburg and I began […]

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Ain’t Life a Beach

This Blog will be about the Beach Experience Do you want your next beach trip to be a breeze, both literally and figuratively? Then you need these tips and hints to make your beach trip more enjoyable. They range from the somewhat obvious to the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that. Use them all, and you’ll have the best beach […]

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History of Downhill Skiing

History of Downhill Skiing Long before skiing was a sport, skis were actually utilized for both transportation and work alike. Located in Sweden, the oldest ski known to man is short, wide and believed to be around 4500 years old. However, ancient rock and cave drawings reveal that skis may have existed even earlier than […]

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Mount Rushmore

Who Knows the Rushmore Back Side Nearly everyone has seen photo’s of the iconic Mount Rushmore.  The  sculpture’s roughly 60-ft.-high granite faces depict U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. But what is the big secret surrounding this monument?  Why is it worth including in my North American Travel Blog?  Well.  […]

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