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Or Should I Say Stories of Life

I’ve authored two full novels and have several more in progress.  I also have written a number of short stories and a novella too.  At least, that is what I’ve done so far but I’m still young — and growing younger.

rejuvenateThe fiction I present is mostly about life.  Some of my works feature death experiences and/or characters that have an NDE in their background.  This reflects my own vivid death experience that shaped my current philosophies.   My doctors say these are attributable to a brain injury I sustained in being oxygen deprived for so long.  Who knows?  They could be right.  That is my life’s story.

I intend to publish some of these other works piece by piece or chapter by section.  Since that would make it very difficult to follow the right individual story segment posts, I’ll link a table of contents to each story part here on this life story page.

Do enjoy my work.  I write it mostly for my own pleasure but I would like it to entertain you as well.

Endless Life Stories – I’ve written a series of stories featuring the character Nicholas Flamel. I’m NOT copying from J.K. Rowling because she didn’t invent him. She borrowed Nicholas Flamel from actual history and so am I.

Retirement at Twenty Five – Part 1

Retirement at Twenty Five – Part 2

Dire Deed in a Diamond Fog – Complete Story

Another set of Endless Life Stories featuring a different semi-immortal hero

Karma Night – Part 1

Karma Night – Part 2

Karma Night – Part 3

Novella – Swim Where – Story of a tormented swimming sensation and a sports journalist.

Swim WherePart 1

Swim WherePart 2

Swim WherePart 3

Swim WherePart 4

Swim WherePart 5

Swim WherePart 6

Swim WherePart 7

Swim WherePart 8

Swim WherePart 9

Swim WherePart 10

Swim WherePart 11

Swim WherePart 12

Swim WherePart 13

Swim WherePart 14

Swim WherePart 15

Swim WherePart 16

Swim WherePart 17

Swim WherePart 18

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