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Stripes and Polka Dots Bikini

Stripes and Polka Dots Bikini – Click to Look

“You won Olympic swimming gold in the back stroke, breast stroke, freestyle and the butterfly,” Belinda Lyle asked, “but you didn’t compete in the four by one hundred relay event. Why not? That could’ve given you a fifth gold.”

“Just because.” Scott Wagner answered in an offhand way. This woman was attractive and wearing a polka dot and stripes bikini but Scott was more interested in toweling off after a recreational session that had included all of his four swimming disciplines.

“Some of your teammates have expressed displeasure at your refusal swim with them.” Belinda trailed along as he walked towards the showers. “They feel that with your swimming speed in anchor for, they would’ve placed first instead of sixth.”

“They should’ve just swum faster.” The Olympic star went into the locker room.

“May we talk afterwards?” Her request bounced off his back unanswered and she watched him disappear into the men’s change room.


“Maybe I should’ve mentioned that his time in the four by one hundred distance I just saw might’ve been gold if he had performed the relay alone.” She muttered aloud after consulting her stopwatch.

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The reporter rushed into the women’s locker room to rapidly dress. To save precious time, she didn’t strip off her bathing suit because she hadn’t gotten it wet. Belinda just wore her outfit over her swimwear and headed to the pool lobby entrance.

She waited at the men’s change room door and jotted down the three sentences the sport star had uttered. Then she looked at her notes and frowned.

“I can’t use these in a story.” Belinda flipped to a fresh page in her notepad. Her eyes lost focus on the page as she mentally reviewed the reasons that brought her here.

Scott Wagner was a swimming sensation. He had suddenly appeared at an Olympic qualifying swim meet and had vastly outstripped his competition to win a berth. At the world games, he had left all the other swimmers in his wake on the way to gold in each event he had entered. Sports reporters from around the globe clambered to speak with him but with a distinct air of indignation, he had shrugged them all off.

“Getting him to talk with me would give my reporting career the boost that I need.” Belinda crossed her knees and adjusted the material of her knee length plaid skirt. That with a white shirt and her auburn hair arranged in pigtails gave her the appearance of a schoolgirl doing a homework assignment. Other female sports journalists had tried almost every variety of looks to try to entice an interview with this elusive star.

“You’re still here?” Scott emerged suddenly and saw her touching up her makeup.

“Of course I am.” Belinda tucked away her compact. “I want to speak with you.”

“For the record no doubt. But now is not a very good time because I’m hungry.”

“I’ll buy you dinner,” the reporter blurted, “and we can chat informally.”

The Olympic swimming sensation stopped and scrutinized her. He wasn’t drawn to her teen costume but it did lend an air of desperation, as if she would do anything.

“Can you keep your notebook in your bag while we eat?”

“Certainly!” Belinda almost swallowed her bubblegum. She would just make sure that she could find a sly moment to switch on her digital voice recorder.

Swim Where will continue….

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