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Swim Where 18

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Swim Where – Part 18

“It’s been four years since your swim to glory in the last Olympics.” The interviewer dolled out his droll preamble. “Do you experience any remorse that you won’t make such a big splash in these games?”

Woman Bikini Swimsuit

Woman Bikini Swimsuit

“I harbor many regrets over numerous things,” Scott answered, “but a splash is not one of them.”

“Yet you are participating in a fashion.” The talk show host spoke over his clenched teeth. The enigmatic swimming star had opened up substantially since his hooking up with Belinda Lyle, but he could still prove infuriating at times. “The committee has offered you a role in the opening celebrations.”

“I was thrilled to accept that.”

“The rumor mill has suggested that you’ve had a tattoo done. Is that true.”

“Yes. I’ll confirm that. But you’ll only see it with the rest of the world when I swim the Olympic flame across the ceremonial pool.”

“The organizers have also been tight lipped about your spectacular entry.”

“As I stipulated when I agreed to participate.”


“Wagner was supposed to land smoothly at the poolside.” The harried Olympic official stated at the quickly arranged press conference. “He took skydiving lessons and performed the routine perfectly in the rehearsals. Nobody could’ve predicted his unbuckling his parachute harness and committing a public suicide by landing in the outdoor water venue at a freefall speed.”

“Is it true that his impact actually cracked the pool’s bottom?” One person yelled.

“Several contestants have said that out of reverence to him, they will employ the kick that Scott innovated.”

“That kind of noble sentiment truly exemplifies the spirit of the Olympic games.” He neglected mentioning that those swimmers had already qualified for their events by using the kick, while Wagner was still very much alive.


“We’re speaking today with Belinda Lyle.” The newscaster opened. “Her biography on the life of swimming star Scott Wagner was released seemingly at the optimum time to capitalize on his sensational death.”

“Scott wanted the story of his lifetime of abuse to have maximum exposure and I’ve complied with his wishes to the best of my abilities.”

“I’ve read your book,” he held the cover up for the camera to see, “and doubtlessly many other people have.” He set it down on the desk. “Could some of what you’ve said in it have pushed him into suicide? I mean,” the man stammered slightly, “he might’ve been imprisoned for the murder of a police officer.”

“Would you please let me speak on one topic before leaping to the next.” Belinda’s endearing smile took the edge off the rebuke. “Yes. The material in my book was a direct cause of his suicide. But he didn’t fear the public exposure.” She paused for long enough to show that she was now onto the second part of the question. “I did not perform investigative journalism to uncover the fact of his shooting his abusive stepfather: Scott freely told me of it and he presented me with ironclad evidence before I even believed him. So really, his suicide was truly suicidal because he made absolutely certain that he had sufficiently destroyed himself, so there would be zero likelihood of his backing down from the objective of bringing about his own death.”

“Who could ever forget the compelling footage of his last seconds? The high-speed cameras captured and slowed the images of him stripping off his shirt to show off the words emblazoned on his chest.”

“In the air I fly free.”  The interviewer quoted it aloud.  “Did it imply that he was finally liberated from the cycle of abuse?”

“Scott Wagner died while refusing to abide with the law of gravity.” She smiled. “You’ll need to read chapter six of his biography to understand why.”

“You’re holding up amazingly well.” The anchorman deviated from the prepared text to make his own observation but he made the error of gazing into her cleavage. “Considering that the father of your twins have so recently lost their dad.” His face went from beet red to ashen either because he had realized his live question was garbled, or perhaps a producer had shouted through his earpiece. “I mean, uh.”

“It’s alright.” Belinda consolingly put a hand on his. “I’ll respond to what I’m certain that you meant to say. I’m comforted by the man I loved having had the opportunity to hold his baby boy and his infant girl in his proud arms. And I’m equally relieved that he never suffered the anguish of raising a hand against either of them because that was Scott’s one deathly fear. I cry when I’m alone or with our children. When I’m in public, I have duties to attend to.”

Women Bikini Swimsuit

Women Bikini Swimsuit

“You knew what would happen: didn’t you?”

“When I saw Scott return a wallet to a skeleton’s pocket, I knew what was coming. I just didn’t know exactly where, when or how, and I didn’t want that information.”

“We’re not sure where this skeleton thing is coming from.” The man had a hand cupped over his ear as the production staff scrambled for background information. “We haven’t read anything about a skeleton in your book or your articles.”

“Nor will you either.” Belinda said firmly. “Because my work is documenting Scott Wagner’s legacy and seeking to further his overall objective. I’ll not have anything detracting from that.”

“What will you do with his Olympic gold medals? Some potential Ebay buyers have indicated that he was interested in possibly selling them.”

“That’s not going to happen.” Belinda was firm. “One will be kept for each of his son and his daughter. One of them is mine. And the fourth…” She paused in thought. ‘What should I do with the other one?’ She had initially intended to say that the last one was Scott’s but a vision of collectors digging up his internment seeking buried booty had stopped her tongue. “I’ll put the fourth somewhere safe for him.”

“I’m sure that would make Scott happy.”

“You obviously didn’t know him as well as I did.” She laughed unabashedly. “He would hate it but it’s my decision so it’s his tough luck. I owe Scott something nasty for his escaping from his changing-dirty-diaper-in-the-middle-of-the-night turns.”

Belinda Lyle grinned mischievously. Her mind’s eye held a vision of someone one day stumbling onto the mystery of why Jimmy Hoffa’s boney corpse is standing by a rifle and proudly wearing an Olympic gold medal around his neck vertebras.

The End



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