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Halloween Treat or a Nasty Corporate Trick

There is no safe limit of trans fats. They can cause heart disease, cancer and diabetes. So how is it that we are still ingesting close to five pounds of it a year? Consuming high-fructose corn syrup can lead to heart disease, increased belly fat, obesity, and insulin resistance, so how is it that many […]

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What health benefits you will get by eating pomegranate? Extremely high antioxidant activity: Lets start with 2  active components of pomegranate: Punicalagins (are extremely powerful antioxidants found in the juice and peel of a pomegranate) and Punicic acid, (also known as pomegranate seed oil, is the main fatty acid in the seeds arils. The antioxidant […]

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A Dozen Health Benefits of Almonds

A Dozen Health Benefits of Almonds Whether eaten in chocolates, in cookies, or simply plain, almonds are a favorite and much-loved. These crunchy nuts are delectable and delicious but they’re also a great and tasty source of a number of nutrients that can benefit your body mind and even your soul. The most astonishing fact […]

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Cantaloupe is a Healthy Everyday Fruit

The Healthful Cantaloupe When everyone is talking about exotic fruits like Mangosteen, Acai Berries and Noni fruit, the cantaloupe tends to be overlooked but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a healthy everyday fruit. This tasty melon is power packed with nutrients. If you don’t pick up a cantaloupe each time you go to the produce […]

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Beating on the Wrong Drum

Chapter 13 – Shiva’s Messenger Beating on the Wrong Drum   “Did you think I’d forget about my disciplinary threat?” Judith sat in the back seat of her own car. Budget money for a driver and limo was earmarked elsewhere. “I don’t want to go unless I can wear a chauffeur’s cap.” Allen didn’t really […]

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