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Burn a Bay Leaf

Our insane society and hectic lifestyles are a constantly source of stress. Relax! Don’t let the pressures kill you. You won’t need to take a spa weekend or a spiritual retreat either. All you need is one Bay leaf! This cheap, simple herb, that you normally put into soup, can help you relieve stress and […]


Past Life Answers

What Questions Do You Have About Past Lives? People often wonder if they have lived before? The second question most will have is if they were famous in a past life? Here are 10 relatively simple questions you can ask yourself that might clear things up for you and they might even inspire your past […]

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The Bionic You

The Spiritual – Bionic You Farrah Fawcett died a few years ago. At the height of her acting career, Farrah was married to Lee Majors. His claim to fame was his starring role in another 70’s era television series – The Six-Million Dollar Man. I’ll use the premise of the bionic man series, to illustrate […]

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Flotsam in a Rip Tide

Chapter 2 Flotsam in a Rip Tide “Lyra Droski.” A young woman who closely matched the exotic female in Tariq’s fantasy nightmare flipped through her newest passport and said the name as if tasting a succulent flavor. Her sculptured chin rested lightly in a cupped palm and her graceful fingers touched her high cheekbones as […]

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