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Boa Viagem Beach Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro is more famous but Recife, a city in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, has some of the most enticing beaches in the country AND Recife was the original home of the string bikini. Boa Viagem Beach is the most famous beach in Recife. It runs from […]

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Organic Thai Jasmin Rice

Harvesting Our Thai Jasmine Rice This Organic White Jasmine Thai rice comes from Ban Kam which is a small, remote farming communities in Northeastern Thailand, in the Province of Buri Ram. The aromatic fragrance, slightly sweet flavor, and texture are unique to rice grown in this part of the world. The growing season is nearing […]

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Using Ash in Organic Gardening

Wood Ash for Organic Gardening Bonfires may be a contentious issue, what with smoke and global warming. Here in Thailand though, they love them.  Thai’s burn everything from kitchen wastes, to yard trimmings and the remnants of rice & sugar cane crops. Reservations aside, a fire gives you the great satisfaction of getting rid of […]

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In Quest of the Moonmelon

Imagine a beautiful, lucid piece of fruit—a deep, yet vivid, almost electrifying shade of blue. The magic doesn’t end at its aesthetics, though: The Japanese fruit has the ability to alter flavors after you eat. All things sour become sweet; salty foods become bitter. Water is not just water—it’s orange-flavored. This is the amazing Moonmelon, […]

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Ain’t Life a Beach

This Blog will be about the Beach Experience Do you want your next beach trip to be a breeze, both literally and figuratively? Then you need these tips and hints to make your beach trip more enjoyable. They range from the somewhat obvious to the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that. Use them all, and you’ll have the best beach […]

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Forever Young and Healthy

Living Better, Growing Younger and Thriving Forever My vivid and lucid death experience was an eye opener and a life changer.  In the space of a few short minutes my entire philosophy was turned a full 180 degrees and some of the ideas/impressions I received were radical to say the least.  One of particular note […]

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A True Drowning Episode

Cold Water Drowning Death I’ve done a fair amount of SCUBA but this was my first time in cold water.  We were diving a 350’ vertical wall, but weren’t planning to go that deep.  I was enjoying the new cold conditions northern waters presented, but was having some minor difficulties with the rental gear.  Previously, […]

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True Drowning Event – Part 2

Emergency situation but not a pressure panic. I briefly considered my current options but as I was already choking on the brine, there was no panic but also no time for a lengthy decision process. Ascending quickly might cause serious medical pressure problems but I made a decision that I would worry about the consequences […]

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Healthy Alternative to Sugary Energy Drinks

Super Energy Acai Booster Drink Are you worried about all those sugary energy drinks your kids are taking? Hey! Are you concerned about the energy drinks that YOU are taking? Well, you should be worried because when George Bush invaded Iraq looking for chemical weapons, he really needed to only look in the local convenience […]

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Swim Where 17

Swim Where – Part 17 “We’ve read a piece recently that hints at an unusual motivation for your Olympic successes.” A famous television sport show host asked. “Tell us more about that?” “You obviously haven’t perused my interview ground rules.” Scott Wagner said. “You’re only allowed to ask me inane questions.” “I did glance at […]

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