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Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits

We all have bad habits and they define what kind of people we are. We all experience stress and anxiety caused by bad habits in our life. We often find it difficult to break the habit. And even our fear of both success and failure can foil any attempt to change. Try  these powerful methods to help you to break your bad habits and reduce your stress.

1. Elevate your Awareness:

One powerful method of breaking bad habits is to simple recognize that the habit is bad. You need to focus your awareness on the habit to give it up. One study observed people who joined weight loss programs, but who failed at losing the weight. They complained that they ate very little, but still could not lose any weight. When the study recorded their eating habits it turned out that they ate almost twice as much as they professed. They did not have full awareness and a lack of acceptance perpetuates their habits.

2. Find a Replacement:

You can often break a habit by replacing it with a new habit, hopefully a better one.  I used to joke around New Years that I was giving up smoking and drinking, but replacing that with doing recreational drugs and running around with loose women.  Instead of just trying to refrain from eating junk foods, you can plan to eat fresh fruits and salads instead. Using substitutes for breaking habits is a really good way to achieve long-lasting results.

3. Change Your Environment:

Many believe that placing yourself in a different environment can help your new good habit to flourish, thus chasing away a bad habit.  Putting yourself in the right place at the right time might really improve the quality of your life. On the other hand, when an environment feeds your habit, you cannot give it up easily. You might try isolating yourself from people who have the same habits.  It’s funny how smokers want to thwart the quitting efforts of others.

4. Cast Your Goals in Stone:

Writing them down on paper is good too.  Write down your goals clearly and then stick it in visible places, like on the fridge or on the bedroom door. Reading it day after day will help to enforce yourself to give up that bad habit.

5.Seek Support From Others:

When you find it hard to break your habit, you could seek the support of others who are willing to help, who have experienced what you’re going through and/or have the ability to make you give up your habit.

6. Relaxation Techniques:

You will often find combating the urges on your own difficult. Learn some relaxation methods.  Breath slowly and rhythmically to release lingering tension.

Breaking a bad habit can be difficult but in the end you’re rewarded with a greatly reduced level of stress.  Just put your mind and body in the proper space and be successful.

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