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Mount Rushmore

Who Knows the Rushmore Back Side

img_8361-mt-rushmoreNearly everyone has seen photo’s of the iconic Mount Rushmore.  The  sculpture’s roughly 60-ft.-high granite faces depict U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

But what is the big secret surrounding this monument?  Why is it worth including in my North American Travel Blog?  Well.  Do you know what’s on the flip side of Mount Rushmore?  Do you suppose, like I did, that the butts of these four Presidents were carved there?  You would be wrong in guessing that though, and you’d also be incorrect in guessing nothing but plain rock too.  Click ‘read more’ to find out.hqdefaultWelcome inside.  I delved deeply into the dark side of Mount Rushmore and this is what I found.  Those four nasty presidents are mooning Canada!

LOL.  No they’re not.

In fact, there is another sculpture of a great native American leader carved there.  The Crazy Horse monument is not expected to be finished until 200 years from now.  Right now he’s only a face but the completed version will have him on horseback.



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